Scout Fun Books: scout skits, scout riddles, scout jokes and Scoutmasters Minutes

The Scout Fun Book series is a collection of books related to Scouting, Camping and Hiking. This 12 book series features: Scoutmaster's Minutes, Scout Skits, Superior Campfires, Scout Jokes, Scout Cheers, The Scout Riddle Book, More Scout Skits, Scoutmaster's Minutes II, the Scout Puzzle and Activity Book, Campfire Tales and Run-ons and Even More Scout Skits. Scout Books are lightweight and are ideal for bringing along on camping trips or Scout outings. Descriptions of available books and ordering information follows:

Cover design for Scout Riddle Book, Superior Campfires, Scout Puzzle and Activity Book, Scoutmaster's Minutes II and More Scout Skits Cover design for Scout Skits, Scout Jokes, Scoutmaster's Minutes, Scout Cheers and Along the Scouting Trail

The Scout Riddle Book
A complete collection of riddles related to Scouting, camping, hiking, and orienteering

Scout Skits
A collection of more than 100 campfire skits featuring some traditional favorites along with new skits.

Superior Campfires
A complete guide to successful campfires including skits, cheers, introductions, jokes and riddles.

Scout Jokes
Jokes related to Scouting and camping including the adventures of Joe Scout and Joe Beagle Scout.

The Scout Puzzle & Activity Book
A collection of Puzzles, Mazes, Word Seeks and Brain Teasers based on Scouting Themes.

Scoutmaster's Minutes
A collection of more than 100 thought provoking readings and quotes including inspirations from Baden Powell and the wisdom of Chief Sequassen

Scoutmaster's Minutes II
A collection of Scoutmasters Minutes featuring Sport Shorts, lessons from Vietnam and the Wisdom of Chief Sequassen.

Scout Cheers
A collection of Cheers, Yells and Applause appropriate for Scouts of any age.

More Scout Skits
Due to popular demand a second collection of campfire skits.

Along the Scouting Trail
A collection of single panel cartoons based on the adventure of Scouting.

Campfire Tales
A complete collection of everything from humorous to scary stories for use around the campfire.

Run-ons & Even More Scout Skits
The third edition of skits created due to popular demand, now including run-ons and even more exciting skits.

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Scout Books are also available on a wholesale basis to Scout Shops, Camp Stores and Trading Posts.

Scout Books wholesale for $3.57 per book, with a minimum of 50 books per wholesale order.
Questions about wholesale orders can be directed via email to: Scout Fun Books.

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